Can I Feed My Ferret Canned Tuna?

canned tuna

Can you feed your Ferret canned tuna?

Tuna is a saltwater fish and considered among the healthiest fish. It contains omega-3 that has widely known health benefits, like for anti-inflammation and improving cholesterol levels. Omega-3 is also prevents arthritis and heart disease. Tuna can be prepared in a variety of ways. It can be steamed, grilled, fried, and even prepared raw. You can also be creative in cooking tuna for your family.

One of the easiest ways to get your share of healthy tuna is to buy canned tuna from the grocery store. There are lots of types and varieties of canned tuna available in the market today. This makes it convenient for the modern and busy man, like you, to incorporate Omega-3 without spending too much time. Canned tuna can be used to make tuna salads and sandwiches.

Can I Give My Ferret Canned Tuna?

Yes, but not too much.

Although ferrets are carnivorous, giving them canned tuna may not be at all healthy for them. Tuna does not have any nutrients fitted for ferrets. Another thing is that most canned tunas have high amount of seasoning and salt in them for preservation reasons. These seasoning are not good for ferrets, as well.

There are a number of ferret owners who provide canned tuna to their pets as a treat. However, most of them only give it once or twice a month and nothing beyond that. It won’t hurt them, but it’s not that healthy either. If you do give your pet some tuna, only give a piece or two and not the entire can. Go for plain ones too without the flavors and seasoning. There are some ferrets that react after having tuna. Others have a weird smell in their feces while some develop smelly fur. Make sure that you pay attention to how your pet reacts.

Even if tuna is healthy for us, humans, it is not the case for these fuzzy animals. Tuna is not that healthy for them. Ferrets are meat eaters. Their physiological makeup requires them to have lots of protein and fat in their diet.

If you are looking into giving your ferret canned tuna, you can always opt to make healthier ones at home. You can cook turkey, chicken, or beef and cut them to little pieces.  Avoid adding any salt or other seasoning when you are cooking meat. This can be unhealthy to ferrets. Don’t feed them any pre-cooked cold meats, too. These are processed and might contain seasoning. It’s best to feed your ferret raw and fresh meat regularly.

Before giving your pet any food, make sure that you check the labels and read the ingredients. Remember that ferrets can be sensitive to food and it is important to only feed them the right kind of food. If you are giving him cat food or food pellets, ensure that these are of high quality in order to meet the needs of your pet. Oftentimes, low quality food may not be good for your pet in the long run even if they are affordable. Providing the needed nutrition will help in making your ferret a healthy pet.

There are some ferrets that don’t really like meat. Oftentimes, this has to do with habit. As a pet owner, you need to reinforce good habits to your ferret. The best way to do that is to form the habit at an early age. Start feeding meat to your pet at a young age. This gets him used to the taste and feel of meat. This also reinforces a healthy and natural diet for this obligate carnivore.

Always remember that ferrets have a strict diet. Even if they like unhealthy foods, it’s not a good idea to give it to them. Give them the foods that are best for them. Avoid giving them vegetables, fruits, nuts, sweets, processed foods, and those with seasoning. Some ferrets also crave for these. If your ferret craves for such unhealthy food, make sure that you don’t give in. Hand in meat treats that you prepared yourself instead. It’s always ideal to stick with the proper ferret foods.

Varying what you feed to your pet is also helpful. This makes sure that he receives different nutrients and keeps food diverse at all times. You can always feed him the usual ferret food and food pellets. However, it’s also best to give him different kinds of meat every now and then. These are not only healthy for him but will give him the nutrients that he needs.

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