Can I Give My Ferret Carrots?


Can you give your ferret carrots?

Carrots are healthy sources of fiber, carotenoid, beta-carotene, Folate, Potassium, Vitamin A, and other essential vitamins and minerals. These are proven to be rich in antioxidants and are low in calories. This is the reason why many people would munch on carrots for snacks. They can be eaten raw or cooked along with other ingredients. Carrots are also considered among the healthiest foods available. They vary in size and even color.

Human diet requires us to eat more fiber and even more fruits and vegetables in a single meal. Animals, like rabbits and other herbivore or omnivore animals also need to eat such food. But, not all animals can eat carrots.

Can I Give My Ferret Carrots?
No, It is not recommended

Ferrets, being obligate carnivores, only eat meat. Although most ferret owners feed their pets with food pellets, their diet focuses on fat and protein. This explains the high protein-content of the usual ferret food found in pet stores.

Vegetables, no matter how healthy they are, are not recommended for ferrets. These fuzzy creatures lack the digestive capacity to break down fiber. This can just make your pet feel sick or worse experience intestinal blockage. This can also slow down their digestive system and may even put his life in danger.

Even if you’re just giving carrots as treats, don’t feed these to your ferrets. You are only doing harm to your pet by giving him food which he cannot digest. Even if he likes what he’s eating, you should restrain yourself from giving what he wants. This must be the case especially if it’s not healthy for him.

Keep in mind that you are not to give your ferret any kind of vegetable or fruit, most especially fibrous ones. Avoid giving him seeds, beans, and raisins, as well. Processed foods, no matter how delicious, are also off-limits for ferrets. He may not be able to digest these properly. Their carnivorous nature also prevents them from eating and enjoying such kids of food. Their diet requires them to have meat and fat.

If your pet ate a carrot without your knowledge, then you should be on your guard and observe how he reacts. You need to worry more, especially if your ferret ate a raw carrot as this may be hard to pass and can cause blockages. Some ferrets just pass it through. However, there are others that do not. The usual signs of intestinal blockages are constipation, vomiting, weight loss, and loss of appetite. If these symptoms show, you need to bring your pet to the vet right away to get some laxative. The vet might even suggest a surgery if the case is bad. Blockages can kill a ferret in a matter of days and this is a really serious situation.

Make sure that you don’t leave any food, fruits, and vegetables lying around the house. Hide all the candies and the other kinds of food that ferret shouldn’t eat. Being curious in nature, they would easily find food and eat them. So, ensure that you already ferret-proofed your home. Put food in places where you ferret cannot reach them. Clean up leftovers after cooking and eating so he cannot find anything to eat. Lastly, ensure that he’s playing in a clean environment.

If you’re thinking of giving your pet healthy treats, better stick to his natural diet. Instead of purchasing ferret food, you can also make your own food at home. Many ferret owners have decided to go natural and are feeding their pets real meat and not food pellets. You can cook chicken, beef, pork, and other meat in food processors mixed with small amount of pellets. Other owners just boil it and prepare the meat in food processors. Make sure that when you do cook meat, you do not add any seasoning. These are not healthy and good for your pet. If you want to give them raw meat, you need to start early on. Some ferrets who are not used to raw meat, might not find it appetizing even if it’s protein.

You need to know what kind of animal your pet is in order to provide him the right kind of food. This helps you in being a good pet owner. When your ferret has a healthy diet, he will be happy and energetic. He also has a healthy body and can withstand any kind of illness. They are also always playful when they are healthy and you’ll also be a happy owner.

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