Can I Get My Ferret Declawed?

Ferrets are from the weasel family; they’re known as pets that are affectionate, intelligent small animals that are curious and love to play and explore. They’re inquisitive, happy and quite silly. As domesticated pets, they have the tendency to scratch and burrow because ferrets are born diggers. It’s in their nature; they will dig in their food bowls, litterboxes, waterbowls, and sleeping areas. You will find once they’re comfortable in their environment, they may scratch at carpet, doors or posts […] Read more »

What Can I Give My Ferret For Diarrhea?

A pet with diarrhea is unsettling for any pet owner but it’s important not to panic and keep in mind that for animals, including ferrets, there several different types as well as causes of diarrhea in ferrets. Although diarrhea is relatively common among animals, like humans, diarrhea may actually be a secondary symptom to another condition, be it gastrointestinal problems, food poisoning or another condition. As part of responsible pet care, when you tidy after your fuzzy pet, be sure […] Read more »

Can I Give My Ferret a Cold?

Having colds is among the most common sickness. Every person of all ages and race can get a cold. It is even more common during the colder seasons. It is usually caused by bacteria or viruses. Colds for humans can only be allowed to pass. It is also a recurring illness and is completely normal. There are many ways to treat a cold, like taking medicines and drinking soup. However, a complete rest is most often considered better and more […] Read more »

Can I Give My Ferret a Bath?

Many new ferret owners, particularly those who are more sensitive to the naturally musky scent ferrets, are tempted to regularly bathe their pets. Undeniably, bathing ferrets remains to be a controversial topic, especially in terms of frequency. The unfavorable scent of ferrets is partially due to the natural oils from their skin. Giving your pet a bath may temporarily reduce this musky scent. However, bathing actually stimulates an increase in the production of skin oils, so their scent may become […] Read more »