Can I Give My Ferret Catnip?


Can you give your ferret catnip?

Catnip is a kind of mint plan that originated in Europe and is now growing in different parts of the world. Catnip is used as a feline attractant. This is usually added to cat toys for their enjoyment and recreation. It makes the cat roll over and kick the toy. Some even go crazy and hyperactive with the catnip. Later, the effect will just fade away and the cat may forget about the toy. The reaction only lasts for a few minutes. If the cat plays with again with the toy, he will have the reaction.

However, not all cats are affected by the catnip. Only 75 percent of the cats have a reaction to catnip, while the rest are indifferent to this cat treat. There are some cats that have no reaction whatsoever after ingesting and smelling catnip. This is also hereditary

Can I Give My Ferret Catnip?
You can, but avoid giving them with cat toys

Although cats enjoy having catnip, most ferrets don’t like them as cats do. Ferrets also don’t have the same reaction that cats have to catnip. They usually don’t get the “high” feeling. You can actually give them or feed them catnip and they don’t really find it appealing.

However, make sure that you pay attention to your pet when you do. There are some ferrets that experience strange effects after consuming catnip. They also get hyperactive and extremely excited. Some even experience seizures. The good thing is that the effects wear off in a few hours. However, just be careful as some ferrets might terrorize other pets in the house. The symptoms vary from ferret to ferret. Others just sneeze a lot after ingesting catnip. So, make sure you observe how your pet reacts.

Avoid giving your ferret cat toys with catnip inside even if they enjoy playing with such toys. Those toys are more dangerous to your pet than catnip are. These toys have small parts that ferrets can ingest and get blockage. Avoid rubbery and foamy ones, as well. They can also tear apart these toys easily with their teeth. If you want to give them toys, just stick with the plain ones that don’t have small parts. You can give them ferret toys, old pants, soft balls, and squeaky toys. Check out your pet’s toys regular so you would know if they are ripped or torn. These toys needs replacement

You can also make your own toys at home, like a maze made from a box or pvc pipes connected to each other for tunnels. Digging boxes are also great to enhance their skill in finding things. You can fill a box with leaves and let your ferret find toys and other things hidden inside box. These toys can stimulate their natural intelligence and don’t cost much, as well.

Try to avoid giving treats with catnip to your ferrets, too. Although ferrets just ignore them, they are not healthy substitute for real foods that your ferrets actually enjoy. Try using meat, like chicken, beef, or pork. You can also use pellets as treats when you are reinforcing good behavior in them. These are healthier and actually have nutritional value for your pets, compared to just giving them catnip.

Most ferret owners do not give their ferrets catnip just to stay on the safe side. There are also other pet owners who are really against using such herb in elating and affecting the mood and attitude of animals. Many think of this as not moral. Some also consider this a drug for cats. This is why others think that it is not an ethical treat for both ferrets and even cats.

Ensuring that your ferret only eats nutritious and healthy food is a task that every ferret owner should do. This ensures that your pet is healthy and in good shape. Make sure that you only feed your ferret high quality food that will meet the daily nutrient requirement of your pet. Don’t feed him anything that does not contribute to his general well-being. Check the labels and research on the ideal diet and meals that your ferret should have. Always give him different food so as not to bore him and provide the nutrients that he needs.

It is also best to ask advice from your vet when it comes to the best foods for your ferret. You should also bring your pet to be checked by your vet regularly. This helps in ensuring that your ferret is healthy.

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