Can I Give My Ferret Dog Food?

Can I Give my Ferret Dog Food?

Can You Give your Ferret Dog Food?

Giving your ferret some dog food may not hurt them. But feeding them solely with foods that are meant for dogs will lead to improper nutrition. Ferrets have different nutritional needs as well as a unique physiological structure. You have to be really picky with their food in order to protect their wellbeing.

Can I Give My Ferret Dog Food? It is NOT recommended

It is best not to feed your ferret any kind of dog food. However, you need not to worry if ever your pet steals a kibble from your dog once in a while (unless your dog is aggressive). But as much as possible, refrain from giving dog food as a meal to your ferret.

Ferrets are absolute meat-eaters while dogs are omnivores. Unlike dogs, they don’t have the ability to digest fiber. Dog food also contains many other ingredients that your beloved ferret simply cannot digest. Such can cause serious health problems like blockages and kidney diseases.

Feeding your ferret with dog food alone will not only lead to incomplete nutrition, but may also lead to illness and could even cause death. As not all dog foods are created equal, there are those cheaper brands that can make your ferret ill. If you really care for your pet, always be very particular with what he eats.

Dog food is nutritionally insufficient for ferrets. In fact, there had been a study before wherein ferrets were only given dog food. Those ferrets eventually died. Ferrets also instinctively know that they are getting less than what they need from dog food, as they tend to eat more. Likewise, adult cat food is not suitable for ferrets.

Feeding dog food imposes danger among ferrets in the sense that such foods don’t have enough taurine. This amino acid is critical to your ferret’s heart health and good eye function. Without sufficient taurine, your pet could develop dilated cardiomyopathy, which could lead to congestive heart failure and eventually, death.

These days, some people still think that their ferrets can be fed with dog food. While you can do so for a short time, it is not healthy for them. Aside from the fact that they have a very simple digestive system, they highly need concentrated foods that are designed for their daily dietary needs. Dog food cannot provide the amount of protein they need. Instead, it can only load them with carbohydrates, which the poor ferrets simply can’t digest.

For a happy and healthy ferret, always make sure to feed him with a high protein diet that does not contain too much fiber. In past years, people believed that the best food to give a ferret was cat food. Fortunately for ferrets these days, more and more pet stores are selling veterinary approved food that are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of your ferret.

Look for ferret foods that consist of at least 33 percent protein, 18-30 percent of fat, 21 percent of amino acids, not more than three percent of fiber, and ash level lower than seven percent.

Moreover, in order to ensure that your pet receives the amount of calorie he needs, you must feed him his regular meals twice a day. But you should also give him something to eat every four hours as their metabolism is really fast.

Also consider the size of your ferret whenever you feed him. A small serving should be just fine to satisfy your adult pet. Note that if you are feeding your ferret moist foods, he should eat it as soon as possible, for such food only lasts for above 45 minutes. You should dispose it after that. Dry pellet diet is recommended compared to moist ferret foods as this kind of food lasts longer. Dry foods also help in cleaning your pet’s teeth.

Also refrain from giving your pet poorly frozen meals such as frozen fish and meats. Usually, ferrets will ignore it and not eat frozen foods. Ferrets are known to be picky eaters. Many of them in fact would rather starve than eat foods they don’t like.

Devising a diet plan for your beloved ferret is crucial in preserving his health. Choosing the right kinds of foods for him is critical to avoid health problems.

These animals have unique biological structure and special dietary needs. As an owner you must be very cautious in what you feed your ferret. Go for good meat based products that are designed for ferrets to ensure an active and healthy pet all the time.

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