Can I Give My Ferret Peanut Butter?

Can I Give my Ferret Peanut Butter?

Can You Give your Ferret Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter is a known food paste spread made from ground dry roasted peanuts. It contains dietary fiber, magnesium and vitamin E, in addition to iron, calcium and copper. Peanut butter also contains antioxidant compounds that help to promote health and prevent diseases. And while high in calories and fat, peanut butter features monounsaturated fats, which is known as “good fats.”

According to studies, there are 30 vitamins and minerals in a jar of peanut butter. This popular spread is loaded with protein for energy boost, and fibers for overall digestive system health and for easy bowel activities. Peanut butter also contains riboflavin, a type of vitamin that aids in red blood cell production.

For humans, eating peanut butter in moderation is a good addition to a well-balanced diet.

Can I Give My Ferret Peanut Butter? It is NOT recommended

Although peanut butter can be a healthful element to human diet, it is not recommended to give to ferrets. Most peanut butter brands contain large amounts of sugar and salt, which are not good for your pet.

Avoid Eating Sugar

Ferrets should avoid eating any sugary foods like peanut butter. Foods that are loaded with complex carbohydrates cannot be digested by a ferret’s strictly carnivorous digestive tract. Diets high in sugar and carbohydrates may lead to diarrhea, other serious intestinal problems and even to some types of cancer.

Ferrets are obligate carnivores. They rely on animal protein to survive. For this reason, the best treats you can give your pet are meat-based and not sugary products like peanut butter.

However, you can use peanut butter sparingly, under special conditions. It is definitely far from an ideal treat for ferrets, but it can be quite useful in some situations. For example, you could use peanut butter if you would need to give your ferret certain bitter medications.

Be very careful what you give your ferret. If ever you would need to feed him with peanut butter, never give the chunky type. Since ferrets don’t have the capability to digest fruit and vegetable matters, it could cause a blockage. And such condition could be life-threatening.

There is certainly nothing wrong about giving your beloved pet some treats. Just be very picky on what you give your ferret.

It is recommended to give treats that mimics your pet’s daily nutritional requirements. Look for treats that are high in protein contents and low in sugar and fiber. Some of the advisable ferret treats are solid cat food, boiled eggs, and cooked fish and meats.

Foods that can cause nutritional problems must be avoided. Fruits with high sugar level, nuts and dairy products are not the best kind of foods to five your pet. These foods can cause malnutrition and other serious health problems like tooth decay, hypoglycemia, intestinal blockage, diarrhea, and obesity. Grains and vegetables should also be avoided at all cost because your pet won’t be able to digest them. Also, onions can be harmful to your ferret.

Simple table foods such as meat meals are also accepted treats for your pet as long as the meats are not covered with additives like sugars, salt, or other sorts of spices. So you should never feed your pet any candy, cookies or cake. Milk is not recommended for ferrets as well. If you can give him raw meats such as chicken and turkey, then it would be great. Other animal organs may also be a delicious treat to your ferret.

Any meat you give your ferret should be fresh. Meats must be less than five days old from the store.

Remember that ferrets have a very sensitive digestive system. They also have a very complex nutritional requirement. So before you give them anything from your dining table, you should know if it is safe or not for him. Since your pet’s sensitive digestive system may react violently on the slightest foods, be very careful as the slightest mistake could bring about serious consequence.

Also consider that treats should only take up about 10% of your pet’s total food consumption. Ferret treats must be given in moderation. Give him treats once or twice per day only. Feeding him too much snacks would disrupt his regular meal schedule.

Remember that ferrets tend to nibble on anything and enjoy almost every treat. So it is your responsibility as pet owner to understand that some food comes with certain risks. Ensure that what you give your ferret is not only safe for him, but meets his daily dietary needs as well.

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