Can I Give My Ferret Raw Chicken?

Can I Give my Ferret Raw Chicken?

Can You Give your Ferret Raw Chicken?

Ferrets by definition are obligate carnivores. Therefore they should eat meat to survive. That means their diet should be composed mainly of meat. In fact, ferrets don’t have the capability to digest fruits and vegetables. They lack the necessary part in their intestines to break down plant matter.

Can I Give My Ferret Raw Chicken? Yes, but not raw chicken alone!

Most ferrets love chicken. Whether raw or cooked, your ferret will definitely enjoy chicken meat. However, if your ferret has never eaten any raw food before, his stomach might get upset. It is recommended to start feeding a ferret on raw meat early, so he can get used to it. But you need not to worry if your ferret is still a newbie in raw meat. The digestive system of ferrets is designed by nature to handle raw meats. Just start with small amounts and observe how he copes.

Chicken is probably the most commonly fed kind of meat to ferrets. Raw chicken and other meat with bones are really good for them. Your pet would enjoy pulling the meat off, while chewing the bones would be great for their teeth. Yes, your ferret can eat raw bones too. Bones can help clean your pet’s teeth and can provide dietary calcium as well.

Do not worry that your pet may choke on bones, or that he may get blockages or intestinal damage, for ferrets have highly acidic stomachs. In fact they have quite high metabolism, which helps them stay active and slender. In addition, raw bones don’t splinter unlike cooked bones.

Chicken thighs, legs, and wings are good for ferrets. Chicken liver and kidney also make great organ meats. However, it is advisable not to feed raw meats that are straight chilled from the fridge. Your ferret may not find frozen meat to be appetizing.

Also avoid processed foods like pre-cooked cold chicken, for such products have high salt content. Always check the ingredients before giving any food to your beloved ferret.

Although raw chicken meat is generally good for your ferret, feeding him with this kind of food alone is not recommended. Variety is also important when it comes to ferret diet. After all, eating the same thing every single day is not only dull, but also promotes imbalanced nutrition. Moreover, having some variety in your pet’s food will definitely help you if ever you would need to give him some supplements or medications.

If you really wish to feed your ferret raw meat only, you should consider adding some essential supplements, like calcium to avoid osteodystrophy, and taurine to avoid cardiomyopathy.

If you decide to feed your pet some pellet food, ensure to buy only quality ferret foods. There are many pet stores nowadays that offer foods specially formulated for ferrets. It is recommended to find products that contain 35 to 40 percent of protein, 18 to 30 percent of fat and two percent of fiber.

Dry pellets are a good choice in terms of shelf life. If you want the kind of food that can be left to your pet’s cage all day, then pellets are your best option. Dried pellets can be stored longer. It will not spoil or go sour. Feeding your pet dry pellets is also a good way to keep his teeth and gums healthy. However, you may need to soak the pellets in water if your pet is too young or if he is too old.

Also do not forget to provide fresh water all the time. As ferrets tend to drink from a bowl than from a water bottle, ensure to change the water regularly so he only drinks fresh and clean water all the time.

Lastly, treats are not a necessary component in your ferret’s diet. But in won’t hurt if you know how to give it. You can use treat as a form of reward as well particularly when you are housebreaking your pet.

Healthy snack options for your ferret include boiled eggs and meats. Stay away from high-sugar fruits and dairy products like milk. These kinds of food often cause problems such as diarrhea, obesity and blockages. Also refrain from giving your ferret vegetables and grains, for their digestive system is not designed to digest such matters.

The general guideline for a quality ferret diet is simple: Highly digestible and concentrated, high in animal protein and fat, and low in fiber and sugars. Like other kinds of pets, what you feed your ferret will determine how healthy he is.

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