Can I give my ferret raw mince?

Can you give your ferret raw mince?

Can you give your ferret raw mince?

Giving raw meat to ferrets is absolutely fine, this is what they would eat in the wild. However, don’t forget that there are other things they need in order to have a long and healthy life. Can i give my ferret raw mince?

Ferrets are carnivores that would eat whole animals in the wild. They do not digest fibrous foods so well due to their short digestive tract relative to humans. A high protein and fat diet, along with regular exercise will keep your ferret healthy and happy for years to come.

Ferrets can eat raw mince but it should always be given as part of a balanced diet. Mince has high fat content so can help your ferret put on weight, it is also high in animal protein, which makes up the major part of a ferret’s diet. If available, give your ferret mince with pieces of bone in it, the bones help to clean your ferret’s teeth, help to remove plaque buildup and provide calcium.

Make sure any food given is fresh enough for human consumption, ferrets are pretty resilient to food poisoning however rotten food will make them sick. Ferrets will only eat what then need when they need, so don’t give too big portions. Remove any meat left in the feeding bowl after an hour. It’s a good idea to feed your ferret little and often, around 4 times a day, even up to six if they are young kits.

If you raw mince doesn’t contain any bone then it is a good idea to mix in some chicken wings, necks or feet. You can also give your ferret whole animals such as foals, mice or other small birds, complete with feathers and fur, just make sure the animals don’t belong to anyone before you use them as ferret food. Whole animals will also give your ferret something to play with before tearing it up and eating it.

Ferrets can become a little fussy over their food, especially into old age so it’s a good idea to mix up and change meals day-to-day. This will stop your ferret becoming too attached to any particular type of food and keep meal times interesting.

A good diet with plenty of play time will make sure you and your fuzzy friend have many years of enjoyment and companionship, look out for any tell-tale signs of bad health such as loss of fur, bad odor or loss of weight and adjust eating habits accordingly.  Added supplements and vitamins can also help to keep your ferret in tip-top condition for many years to come.

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