Can I Give My Ferret a Cold?

Having colds is among the most common sickness. Every person of all ages and race can get a cold. It is even more common during the colder seasons. It is usually caused by bacteria or viruses. Colds for humans can only be allowed to pass. It is also a recurring illness and is completely normal. There are many ways to treat a cold, like taking medicines and drinking soup. However, a complete rest is most often considered better and more effective in dealing with colds.

Like us humans, pets and other animals get sick, too. Influenza and colds are among the most common illnesses in all kinds of animals. Flu and colds in human can be passed on from one person to the other by contact.

Can I Give My Ferret a Cold?
Yes, you can.

If you recently got the flu, you can give it to your ferret. They are really susceptible to illnesses, especially flu and colds especially those that are from their owners. The immediate symptoms are sneezing, watery eyes, congestion, and weakness. Most often, ferrets also act lethargic. The only difference is that these fuzzy pets get sick longer than humans do. It usually lasts for up to two weeks.

To keep your pet from getting sick, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before playing with him. Cover your nose when sneezing, as well. If possible don’t play or come in contact with your pet, especially during the acute phase of your illness. This ensures that your pet will not contract your colds or flu. You have to be a responsible owner and stay away from your pets until you get well.

If your ferret caught a cold, here are some ways to treat him:

  • Purchase drops from your local pet store. These will ease the blockage and make your pet breathe easier. Make sure that it’s safe for ferrets. If the pet store is far from your place, you can use warm water with salt and a soft cloth, instead. Just soak the cloth in the water and bring it close to your pet’s nose so he can breathe the vapor.
  • Give him duck or chicken soup. Just prepare the meat in the food processor and mix it with food pellets. Add water to create a soupy consistency. Make sure that you don’t add any salt or seasoning to the food.
  • Run a vaporizer where your ferret is sleeping. This helps them in breathing easier and also keeps him warm and comfortable when resiting. Just make sure that it doesn’t get too hot for your pet.
  • Give your pet lots of water. Makes sure he drinks water by the hour, too. This ensures that he’s always hydrated even if he doesn’t feel like drinking any. If he’s not drinking anything at all, consider giving him unflavored Pedialyte.
  • If your pet doesn’t eat well, you might need to feed him through a syringe. Make sure that the food is well-blended so he can easily digest it. Feed him like this four to five times a day when needed.

If you think your ferret is in a more serious condition, bring him to your vet right away. Your vet can provide the proper diagnosis and medicines in order to make him feel better right away. Never purchase over-the-counter medicines just to be safe, especially human medicines. This will only worsen their condition and might lead to death with the toxic chemicals found in certain medicines.

You may have to quarantine your sick pet, especially if you have other ferrets or pets inside the house. Have a separate cage to prevent contamination. Make sure that you wash their shared toys as well. This ensures that the other pets won’t get sick and that the virus is under control. Keep your kids away from the sick ferret for the meantime as well, to prevent passing the illness.

Make sure that your ferret received all his necessary vaccinations and is eating healthy foods to ensure optimum health. A clean environment and regular trips to the vet will also help your pet in getting in good shape. A sick ferret is really common. All that you have to do is care for your ferret well in order to get him back to his healthy self. Although caring for a sick ferret is not that easy, it sure is rewarding when you see him bounce back and have his usual happy disposition again.

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  1. Holly Bull says:

    I have a 4yr. old ferret that I just noticed a lump under his neck.He just started sneezing not alot. I have ferret upper respiratory medication. Should I start this medication or should I give him benadryl.

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