Can I give my ferret a bone?

Can i give my ferret a bone? The short answer is yes, but do avoid cooked bones. As a responsible and loving owner of a ferret, it is important to make sure you feed your pet a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. Ferrets are carnivores that in the wild would consume entire animals including the bones, meat and organs.  So yes it is possible to feed your ferret bones but make sure that the bones are not cooked.  Cooked bones […] Read more »

Can I give my ferret raw mince?

Giving raw meat to ferrets is absolutely fine, this is what they would eat in the wild. However, don’t forget that there are other things they need in order to have a long and healthy life. Can i give my ferret raw mince? Ferrets are carnivores that would eat whole animals in the wild. They do not digest fibrous foods so well due to their short digestive tract relative to humans. A high protein and fat diet, along with regular […] Read more »

Can I give my ferret raw eggs?

A healthy diet is the best way to keep your pet ferret healthy, happy and full of energy. A ferret’s digestive system is suited to a diet of high levels of protein and fats. They are carnivorous animals and struggle to digest food high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables. Eggs have a high protein content so are great for your fuzzy friend to eat. Can you give your ferret raw eggs? Raw eggs are safe for your pet […] Read more »

Can I give my ferret kitten milk?

As a responsible and loving owner of a ferret you will want to feed your pet a healthy and nutritious diet to give you and your ferret many years of happy companionship. Good diet and hygiene are the most important factors in keeping your ferret healthy and free from sickness. The best way to do this is to imitate a ferret’s natural diet in the wild. Ferrets are carnivores and should mostly eat meat, animal proteins and fats, the occasional […] Read more »

Can I give my ferret fish?

It probably won’t do them any harm, but feeding fish to a ferret is not ideal for several reasons. Ferrets are affectionate and playful animals that when happy and healthy will bring happiness and joy to you and your home.  As a loving and responsible ferret owner, it is important to make sure you feed your pet a nutritious and balanced diet to support a long life full of energy and good health.  Always read the labels and ingredients on […] Read more »

Can My Ferret Eat Fruit?

Ferrets are strict carnivores and the basic requirement for a ferret’s diet is as follows: High in protein – that would be between 32-36 percent on the label nutrition analysis Protein must be high quality, highly digestible, and be animal-based (not plant-based) High in fat – at least 18 percent on the label analysis Very low in carbohydrates and fiber – 3 percent or less fiber In the past the best choice for giving ferret food, when unavailable was high […] Read more »

Can My Ferret Drink Milk?

Ferrets are carnivores and must be fed high quality animal protein with high fat content and low in fiber, carbohydrates, sugar and grains. The best way to feed a domesticated ferret is why dry ferret food or high quality kitten/ cat food. The food ferrets are given should contain anywhere from about 32% to 36% protein (half of which should be derived from meat), at least 18% fat, minimal ash and the supplement taurine to prevent urinary tract problems. Be […] Read more »

Can My Ferret Drink Tea?

Ferrets have a very sensitive digestive system and need a controlled diet. Pet owners need to be vigilant and responsible in ensuring that their ferrets only consume that will be good for them. Ferrets and Drinking Tea If your ferret has taken in some tea whether by accident or you gave them some to consume, this is a no-no. Tea is not something you would want your ferret to be drinking because tea contains a number of ingredients that aren’t […] Read more »

Can I Give My Ferret Dry Cat Food?

If you’ve been scouring the Internet finding out what ferrets eat, you’ll probably find that there has been a lot of talk if cat food is acceptable for ferret consumption. Ferrets are carnivores meaning they are meat-eaters. Ferrets require a balanced diet along with proper nutrition in order to avoid health conditions and premature death. Their diets need to be based on highly digestible animal meat/ protein with a high fat content and little to no carbohydrates. Choosing What Dry […] Read more »

Can I Give My Ferret Tuna?

When you have a ferret in your home that you are caring for, be aware that ferrets are carnivores by nature and as a wild animal, your pet would consume smaller prey whole. A balanced diet for a ferret would include high fat and protein with little to no fiber, as ferrets are not designed to process fiber. Ferrets do not have a ceccume (pouch where the large intestine starts which enables us to digest fiber), so their tiny bodies […] Read more »